Мягкая Наволочка на автомобильный центральный подлокотник |

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Мягкая Наволочка на автомобильный центральный подлокотник

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Описание товара

Name:Car Armrest Pad

★ Material:High quality PU leather

★ Color:Black/Black Red/Brown/Beige

★ Fitment:Fit for 99% Cars

★ Size:30*10*10cm

★ Package Included:1*Armrest Pad

★ MATERIAL: The car armrest cushion is made from Memory foam that is slow rebound, relieve the pressure, so that the body feels relaxed and comfortable.eel relaxed and comfortable.

★ AUTO COZY INVENTION: The car armrest pad has a brand new ergonomic design which provides an extreme comfort supporting to the arm, perfect for people who are suffering from serious per arthritis or driving long time everyday with wrist fatigue.

★ PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM PADDING: We upgraded the filler to quality memory foam material to guarantee a long service life, it keeps the shape and regain the shape quite quickly after extruding, great for shipping and storage.

★ HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: The car center console armrest cushion is easily attached on the console lid with two elastic straps without sliding, you can adjust the strap length to fit any type of consoles.

★ UNIVERSAL: Elastic strap of the center console armrest fits around most mid-size vehicle center console.